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Starting with one person and a small Bitcoin investment in early 2017, The Blockchain Braintrust slowly grew to become a formidable source for the creation, development, understanding and application of new and emerging blockchain technology.

Our diverse international team comes from a wide variety of different industries and fields, including Finance, Medicine, IT, Law, Automotive, Hospitality, Tech and Engineering. This broad range of viewpoints and expertise affords us multiple perspectives to analyze the evolution of blockchain technology from a rich and robust knowledge base of technical understanding.  This allows us to better identify potential trends and conceptualize future applications of this technology.

Our mission to constantly be at the forefront of blockchain technology is what fuels our passion, and we envision a future in which blockchain technology will be the Promethean spark that ignites the next great technological evolution for our species. 

Together, We Are Building a Better Future...

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One Block at a Time
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